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Kingtrader is no longer free. What alternatives are there?

Kingtrader is no longer free. What alternatives are there?

KingTrader, the trading software for Betfair is no longer free, but are there any alternatives?

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In recent days, one of the most popular messages in sports betting groups and traders is about alternatives to KingTrader software, which stopped being free.

This software has been on the market since January 2018 and during this time it was free, but, nevertheless, the team that developed KingTrader decided that it must be paid.

The prices are:

  • £5.99 - 1 month
  • £14,99 - 3 months
  • £24.99 - 6 months
  • £54.99 - 1 year

These prices do not seem to be very high for someone who is getting some success in the trading markets, but it can be a high investment for those who are still starting.

Therefore, many investors are asking if there are alternatives?

We will present two options that have been most recommended in social networks and are listed on the site of approved applications by Betfair.


BangBangBets - this free

The online sports trading software does not need installation and works on web browsers. For the same reason, it is cross-platform and you can use Bang Bang Bets anywhere in your operating system, be it MacOS, Linux, Windows, iOS or Android, just with a web browser, such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox, among others.

The software is based on the ESA-API and, therefore, guarantees quick information on all Betfair markets.

This online sports trading software is recent and was presented at the Academy this week. However, it is already the most recommended platform in social networks to replace KingTrader. (read more)

bangbangbets ladder betfair view

WagerTool - with a trial version

WagerTool is one of the most used trading softwares and it is tested and approved by Betfair. It has been on the market since 2016 and has customer support in Portuguese, as well as BangBangBets.

This software is also cross-platform and combines the ESA-API with the API-NG, thus allowing you to return to the oldest Betfair API if the most recent API is not working for any reason.

It is the software recommended by most Brazilian traders and can be tested for 15 days free of charge.

After that period, the prices are:

  • 15€ - 1 month
  • 90€ - 1 year
  • 135€ - forever
You can also enjoy the offer of extra days that is available in the Academy store (read more)

But you must not forget that the software will not make the bets for you and that a trading software is no guarantee of success. However, the use of a trading software makes life much easier for a trader and is a good step for those who want to be professionals.

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