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Best bets of the day: Friday 5/22

Best bets of the day: Friday 5/22
Best bets of the day: Friday 5/22
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Betting Tips for this Friday!  Day with few football games, but with interesting bets in the Bundesliga. And attention, read the warnings below the article, in the yellow frame! There we have a bankroll division to be followed!

Futebol | Bundesliga - Hertha Berlin vs Union Berlin:

The home team comes to this confrontation motivated after an excellent victory against Hoffenheim by the score of 3-0, in which there was the debut of the new coach. In addition, the coach can count on the return of some players in this return of the competition, something that worked very well. Now working in his field, even if with an empty stadium, he should make his field command prevail and, therefore, leave with a positive result. Therefore, Hertha's -0.25 handicap is an excellent option, in addition, ending in a tie the confrontation would return us half of our investment.

Futebol | Bundesliga - Hertha Berlin vs Union Berlin:
This is an excellent confrontation between two teams that are in similar places on the leaderboard. However, the Hertha Berlin team should impose its pace to leave with a positive result and add the three points playing in their domains. Union Berlin in the last 13 matches played as a visitor, only failed to score goals on three occasions, being these against teams from the top of the table. Therefore, we expect a very disputed game with chances for goals for both teams. In addition, these are two teams with major defensive problems. Thus, a bet for the goal market is a good investment.

Futebol | Bundesliga II - Heidenheim vs Wehen Wiesbaden:
Confrontation between two teams that are in opposite situations, as the home team is in fourth place and the visitor in sixteenth. After a defeat on the return of the competition, Heidenheim knows they will need to recover the lost points to continue in the fight for a place in the first division. Thus, a victory in this confrontation against a team that is at the bottom of the table becomes of paramount importance. For this confrontation, an excellent option is to invest in the victory of the home team.



The bets in this column are only to be taken as  investment suggestions for bets that contain long-term value, however we do not guarantee a profit and are not responsible for any losses.
Here we have suggestions and the word suggestion already tells you what is mentioned here.  That is, just a suggestion.

The column will contain a specific and professional bankroll management, based on a universal language, which are the units.

We recommend that you respect your bankroll management system.  Where the bank is divided into 60 units. And no bet technically can be worth more than 3 units.

The odds posted here will be based on the Betfair, Bet365 and 1Xbet market. And we suggest opening an account in these houses for a better commitment in this market, due to the variety of types of bets, better quotes and higher limits. Opening accounts through the Academy gives you more advantages: «Earn Academy Points».

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