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LoL: Organization of Serbia is penalized for “joke”

LoL: Organization of Serbia is penalized for “joke”
After an interview, Serbia's organization was penalized for a "joke"; check here the details.
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Considered one of the best League of Legends teams, the organization of Serbia, SAIM SE SuppUp, was penalized for "joking" in a bad taste with an animal. The team, which today has the best EBL campaign in League of Legends, ended up being penalized last Thursday by the EBL because a player showed a puppy's genitals in an interview after a duel.

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The case happened when support Mertai "Mersa" Sari was conducting an interview after SAIM SE SuppUp beat Crvena zvezda Esports. In the situation, one of the SAIM SE SuppUp players exposed a puppy's genitals to the camera, all of this happened while Mersa was conducting her interview with one of the EBL casters.

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According to information, the cast of SAIM SE SuppUp is already recurring in punishments for a bad taste joke. Therefore, EBL decided to fine the team by 50% for the total prize pool of the competition. Riot Games itself was called and said that the case had been an "indecent exposure" of the animal. In addition, the League of Legends developer reported that:
"During an interview with Mertai "Mersa" Sari, a puppy was shown. While this was not a problem, an unidentified member of the team re-introduced the animal on camera, this time resulting in an intentional exposure of the animal". After that, Riot Games did not return to comment on what happened.
It is worth to mention that previously SAIM SE SuppUp had already been fined in two other situations. Adding the 50% that the team will lose from the season's prize plus previous penalties, the total damage that the team suffered was 65% for its "jokes".

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