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PokerStars founder pleads guilty to illegal gambling business

Isai Scheinberg, founder of pokestars, faces US jail after admitting in court to running an illegal online gambling business.

Interview with Luis Kamei, Champion of the two largest poker events in Brazil

"The advice I give to beginners is that in poker we can't jump steps. No one plays the first tournament, wins and becomes a professional."

Interview with Marcelo Mesqueu, number one of the BSOP general ranking

This player has achieved a record score in the history of the BSOP.

PokerStars arrives a second American state

After New Jersey, a second US state will get a PokerStars room.

Betfair and PokerStars merge and create the largest betting company in the world

Flutter Entertainment has reached an agreement to acquire Stars Group, creating the world's largest betting company in revenue.

Pot Odds - how can they help you win at poker

Pot Odds relate the profit you may get with the probability of completing your hand.

Positions at a Poker table

One of the greatest advantages in Poker is to be the last to speak, because you'll know what everyone else has decided and you'll have more information to decide what to do with your hand.

Therefore, you need to know each different position and how to use its advantagens and and deal with its disadvantages, which is what I try to explain in this article.

Ranking Poker hands

Ranking poker hands

Have a look, ordered from best to worst, at the ranking of possible Hold'em games and other poker variations.
The rules of poker are very simple, you'll quickly memorize the ranking of the different hands.

Poker open the bets: size matters

By lowering your opening raise to say 2.4 big blinds, you can start to come in for a raise with a wider range of hands because the cost of being three-bet off your hand is much less.

One area of poker that has changed drastically over the years is the size of players' bets and what is deemed a standard bet size.

How to avoid having a TILT in poker that ruins your bank

The first thing you need to do is find out what sort of tilter you are. Do not believe anyone who says they do not tilt. They are lying. Everyone does it in some way, shape or form.